How Children Look at Inventions

If you ever talk to children they have infinite ideas and imaginations how they can make this world a better place. Mostly, they are just busy talking about their invisible invention. If at times like this you ask them to draw about what they are thinking you will be amazed to see how they tackle and think about a problem.

A group of children between the ages 5-11 years in Australia and the UK were asked to design inventions which according to them would make this world a better place. The results were not only amazing but also mind-blowing as these children came up with ideas from an ocean organiser to a rubbish eater to a gun sucker.

These drawings which nave been collected for Future Founders are breathtaking and there are a few which are being worked on to make them a reality.

Take a Look at Some of these Cool Inventions

1 . Olly, The Ocean Organiser:

Inventor: Daisy, Age: 9 years

Daisy’s Version

As per Daisy, Olly is a machine which will help to keep the oceans clean. It will capture all the garbage in a giant net. It will work through solar-powered propellers. It will also have eyes so that it does not hurt the fish.

Illustrator’s Version

2. Cody the Carer

Inventor: Laura, Age: 9 years

Laura’s Version

Laura’s, Cody the carer is a friendly robot designed especially for taking care of the elderly people and addressing their smallest needs as well. Cody can tell whether a person is going to get ill, he can do the dishes with his waterproof hands and talk to old people so that they don’t feel lonely.

Issultrator’s Version

3. The Rubbish Eater

Inventor: Hannah, Age: 5 years

Hannah’s Version

This 5-year-old is very worried about the depleting environment. She has come up with an amazing illustration which takes care of all the rubbish and deforestation in the world. The Rubbish Eater eats all the garbage and poops full-grown trees.

Illustrator’s Version

4. Gun Sucker Inner

Inventor: Harry, Age: 6 years

Harry’s Version

This 6-year-old wants to see a violent free world. He thinks of an invention which can suck all the guns and destroy them. He has designed high powered wheels so that the machine can be transported to where it is needed.

Illustrator’s Version

5. Frogainpet

Inventor: Luke, Age: 6 years

Luke’s Version

This is a special mixer which mixes hearts with hot water to create love, which is released into the air through steam. Those hearts which are not converted to steam are segregated and pushed to a conveyor belt. Further, these are shipped all over the world so that people can enjoy love.

6. The Food Spawner

Inventor: Mia, Age: 10 years

Mia’s Version

This is a magic microwave. Whenever you feel like rating something just type the food and the Spawner will do the rest. It works hard to get the best recipes and reproduce the snack/food you have been craving for.

Illustrator’s Version

7. Bob the Robot

Inventor: Lexie, Age: 8 years

Lexie’s Version

The young inventor from the UK has designed Bob the Robot, who is a very friendly robot with wings and a kind heart. He fights against medical issues, cancer and world peace. He reminds people that not all disabilities are visible.

Illustrator’s Version

8. The Tizzer

Inventor: Lily, Age: 9 years

Lily’s Version

This is a machine which fixes just about anything in just a minute. It is easy to work with. Just point the Tizzer at the things you want to fix and turn the button. It just takes about 10 seconds for the laser to start and in turn fixes the object with its rays.

9. Dress-Me Machine

Inventor: Sam, Age: 6 years

Running late in the morning. Now the Dress-Me Machine can help you get ready. Once you select the outfit that you are going to wear on the screen, the machine helps you dress as you glide on the conveyor belt.

10. The Tree Rocket

Inventor: Tyler, Age: 6 years

This rocket is special as it is capable of transporting people from Australia to England in just a few seconds. The rocket built in the tree has windows on the top which allows the passengers to view outside while travelling. The trunk has a handle which provides access to people to board.

Some of these illustrations are amazing and can be easily adapted into real-time inventions. If we all see the world through a child’s eye then maybe we can also come up with solutions for problems.

If you have an innovation which can make a difference join us at Bots ‘N Brains to make a difference.

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Innovations that have Made Life Easier for Travellers

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

In the yesteryears, the tourist used to go through a lot of hectic processes in order to travel a place which they desired to explore. With no internet connectivity, people use to stand in line for hours in order to book their tickets for respective places. Once reaching there, they would again be in a dilemma regarding the hotels and restaurants. This was not only time consuming but people also found their vacations rather tiring.

Then entered an era of internet and it changed everything for travellers. All the tiring processes which people used to go through were made simple, smooth and available at their fingertips. People started booking bus/train/air tickets as well as hotel rooms and restaurant table bookings online. The fear of not getting travel tickets or hotel rooms disappeared. Various online platforms used to deliver information like different means of travel and relative prices, hotel room availability along with facilities, the nearby restaurants to the online users were available. These platforms not only provided them with the information but also helped them to do bookings and respective transactions in order to confirm bookings with small charges included for their services.

Source: Travelingboard

The Internet has helped travellers and tourists in many ways. Companies like Google, Bing, and Wikipedia help people gather knowledge and information as per their interest. The internet has helped tourists to plan their vacations in the most effective ways and at low cost. Earlier people used to buy maps of the country in order to plan the places they will be visiting and were unsure about the cost which they were likely to spend on the tour. But now, with many tours and travels online booking sites and physical offices, people find it much convenient for bookings and experience hassle-free vacations whenever and wherever they go.

Source: Google

People have started blogging about their travel journeys by sharing information about various places they have visited in order to help other co-travellers. Apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other socialising sites help people to share pictures, information and upload videos – both live and pre-recorded.

Source: YouTube

As we are living in the era of digitalization, a lot of innovative products are in the market which helps the tourists and travellers to travel around the world quickly, safely and comfortably. In order to overcome the language barriers, Duolingo which is a well-designed app helps people to learn new languages with fun and experience. Google translate assists in knowing day-to-day words in different languages and helps to translate any sign or menu. The Pilot, a pair of small cordless earbuds, is one of the innovative product which translates conversations in real time from a foreign language to your native language.

Source: ExtremeTech

During travelling, distance and time are much information needed for any traveller. This problem is solved by Google maps and other supporting apps such as Citymapper. Google maps provide time-distance information depending on the means of transportation like by car or bus/train or by walk. Also about public transports like buses and trains, the details are displayed along with the traffic congestions on the roads.

Source: Wikipedia

For staying purposes, online apps and websites like Airbnb, OYO, Trivago, Goibibo, etc. have provided good services and facilities with competitive prices. The sharing economy is a boom and the companies like Uber and Ola are helping travellers to reach their destination at an affordable cost. After the bullet metro trains, Hyperloop, the future of transportation, is going to change the way of travelling by minimizing the time required for long distances along with cosy experience.

Source: Euronews

Technology is evolving at a great pace and innovations like Virtual reality and Augmented reality is changing the way of looking at things. After wearing VR Goggles, an exciting experience can be achieved by the person who is looking at the world through it. But it’s still not clear whether it will also replace travelling. However, we definitely realize that high-quality photographs and video recordings are vital with regards to choosing where we need to travel, stay, or eat and VR will just enhance that experience.

Source: Amazon

The feeling of resfeber has virtually disappeared due to innovation in the travel industry. So what do you think will be the future of travelling and the travel industry? Leave the comment below and share your opinions and views as every opinion matters.

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