Did you know that these Famous Inventions were Actually Accidents

People are always trying something new. This way the young minds create amazing inventions. Some of these become a huge success while some of the inventions die even before the foundation for the same has been placed.

As per Kennedy’s research, people generally invent something new and useful when they are actually not thinking about it. And yes, their source of inspiration is the audience who may like to use the final end product.

They say that “necessity is the mother of all inventions“. Agreed that many inventions are based behind the famous phrase. However, some inventions have had a twisted fate and none the less went on to become the next big thing. There are thousands of inventors there but the ones who have made accidental innovations and have made it big are definitely lucky.

Here are some accidental yet famous and amazing inventions!

1. Penicillin: This is an accidental discovery by Sir Alexander Fleming, who was at the verge of giving up when his medical experiments failed. While cleaning his experiment he found mould on the petri dish. This mould did not allow bacteria to grow around it. Out of curiosity, he started growing this mould and found that it contains the antibiotic Penicillin. This invention was definitely a breakthrough and it made history.

Source: Verywell Health

2. Matchsticks: When British Pharmacist John Walker was working under a lamp, stirring his chemicals, he saw a dried lump on the stirring stick. He tried to scrape it off, but instead, it sparked into a bright flame. On seeing the flame he got an idea and the matchsticks were born.

Source: Pixbay

3. Non-Stick Pans – Teflon: When chemist Roy Plunkett was trying to work on a new form of CFC, he landed up creating some weird white flakes. These flakes later turned out to be a high melting point lubricant. This is now applied as a coating to all the non-stick pans.

Source: Pixbay

4. Safety Glass: While working in his lab, chemist Édouard Bénédictus accidentally dropped the glass flask. But despite being of glass the flask did not shatter into pieces as it was lined with plastic cellulose nitrate. Later he patented it and now it is widely being used in the gas masks and cars.

Source: Pixbay

5. Microwave Oven: Percy Spencer may not have thought that he is going to invent the microwave when he was experimenting with the radar related vacuum tubes. While working on this, he observed that the candy bar in his pocket had started melting. He carefully used this knowledge to make popcorns and then applied for a patent for a microwave.

Source: Pixbay

6. Post-it Notes: Spenser Silver was working on making a super-strong adhesive. But instead, he landed making up an adhesive with low strength. This was later on used to paste church books as they were ripping off. But finally, the glue was used in making post-its.

Source: Pixbay

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